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The app helps the user find out where and when were traffic tickets issued in Slovenia, thus facilitating safer driving.
Ticket database is limited to territory of Republic of Slovenia.

Choose between these issued citations to show in app:
– parking
– speeding
– driving while using a cellphone
– ignoring safety belt laws
– unpaid toll
and traffic accidents.

The app will locate you, fetch data about traffic citations issued in your vicinity, and show them on map. To see citations, that were issued somewhere else, click on map. Additionally available is summary of threat level, derived from statistical data, collected by government agencies. These are:

– overall threat assessment to be issued a citation, should you violate traffic laws
– average interval between citations issued at that location,
– date of most recent citation issued relative to data source update
– number of citations issued in vicinity
– distance to closest issued citation

And several statistical distributions of issued citations, such as:
– by days in week (how many on Monday, Tuesday, …
– by hours in day (how many in intervals between 9-12h, …)
– by months in year (how many on January, February, …)
– by weather conditions (how many in rain, snow, clear weather)
– by temperature (how many in temperature interval between 5-10 Celsius, …)

Same information si also available on address list, ordered by number of citations issued.

Data sources

Many thanks to traffic wardens, police, and other officials, who supplied the raw data, used to build this app:
– traffic wardens of Ljubljana,
– state police,
– Parkings of Ljubljana,
– traffic wardens of Maribor,
– traffic wardens of Kranj,
– traffic wardens of Celje,
– traffic wardens of Novo Mesto,
– traffic wardens of Nova Gorica

Data was acquired for time interval between 2012 and end of 2014.
The database contains is a little less than a million traffic citations.