How to interact

Select theory to visualize by clicking links on top, or on left side of this window.

When the visualization has loaded, scroll right pane to read a summary. Graph will update accordingly.

Click nodes in graph to expand them, or if they are already loaded, to remove them. Nodes are color-coded according to entity type.

Hover over nodes to read more information about an entity. If it's not loaded, use link in the info pane on the lower left.

Zoom in and out with mouse.

Use slider on the right side of graph to filter nodes. Dragging it upwards will filter out less frequent nodes, dragging downwards will add them back.

Use the "Explore" button to switch to list of all entities. Clicking them will add/remove them from the graph.

Click play/pause icon above slider to pause or restart animation.

If at all possible, use desktop Chrome.