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Virostatiq, authored by Marko Plahuta, is a blog covering my free-time projects and thoughts. Among them:

  • data visualizations
  • machine learning
  • generative art and design
  • experimental user interfaces
  • maps and mapping in general
  • networks and graph theory
  • Processing

Currently employed as a programmer, researcher and analyst for Canadian security company Liferaft Inc.

Contact: vito (dot) solipsy (at) gmail (dot) com
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  1. Dear Marko,

    thank you for sharing the work you’ve done. I hope you’ll continue with new projects. Keep it up!

    I’ve sent you an email privately. Would appreciate your advice on the matter.

  2. Voting preferences so zelo dobre in počne.

  3. Super blog!

  4. Hey!

    Tvoj blog je izjemen! Hvala ker deliš vso to znanje.

    – Oto

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