Mapping parking infractions in Manhattan, NYC, by car make

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This is a technical explanation of procedure to map parking infractions in Manhattan for every available car make. To see the interactive visualization, click here, or click the image below. Otherwise read on. Last year I published an Android app to enable Slovenian drivers to better avoid areas frequently inspected by parking wardens. It works by geolocating the user and then plotting issued paring tickets in the vicinity, with a

Books I read in 2015

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This is a result of find *.mobi  -newermt “2015-01-01 00:00” command in my Kindle Documents folder. If anything, it shows I’m a compulsive reader, preferring Nordic crime novels, cyberpunk sci-fi and historical and natural sciences non-fiction. I probably read ten more programming-oriented books in PDFs, which I’m not including here. My favorites were novels by Don Winslow and Richard K. Morgan. I also read most of the essays by Miles

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