My experience with publishing data visualizations on the web

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After a year of publishing data visualizations and learning many things in the process, I think I can share a thing or two about best publishing practices that I’m so far aware of. Here’s the Google Analytics Audience Overview for in little more than a year of operation. Big spikes all come from social media. The biggest spike happened when some bigger players linked to one of my posts. 

Conspiracy theories as network graphs: antigravity, Illuminati/NWO, JFK, 9/11, chemtrails visualized

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This is an attempt at visualizing different conspiracy theories. The visualization tries to show interconnectedness of actors, organizations and concepts in each one, so a network graph was chosen as a mode of presentation. The presented theories are: The Antigravity Drive, Chemtrails, The Cabal (American deep state from JFK assassination to 9/11), The Illuminati/New World Order, and the most recent, the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 disappearance. In a way, it’s

Addresses with most registered companies in Slovenian towns

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There appeared an article, in which an attempt was made to expose questionable practices of some Slovenian enterpreneurs. The scheme is such: establish a company, perform some work, bleed it dry, then establish a new one and move all workers into it, at the same time avoiding paying benefits and a sizable portion of salaries. When the new company has server its purpose, establish a new one, and so on,

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